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Visa to Russia. Invitations for foreigners to Russia.

How to receive a visa to Russia or how to process an invitation for a foreigner?

One can receive a visa to Russia only if a person can provide an official invitation to Russia issued by corresponding authority. Any foreigner, who is going to visit Russia, must receive a visa to the Russian Federation, which must correspond to a purpose of visit. The invitations to Russia may be of different types. They differ according to a purpose of visit, period of stay, and time of visa processing.

We provide our services for foreigners on processing of invitations to Russia mainly focusing on tourist, business and work invitations. You may choose any type of invitation you need and the specialists of our Visa Support Center will advise the easiest way to obtain an invitation. It is necessary to note that the easiest way to receive any type of visa to Russia is to contact our specialist and to take the advantages of our services. We will make our best to help you to receive an invitation in the shortest possible time.

The descriptions of different visa and invitation types, purposes of visit, periods of stay, and periods of invitation processing are provided below.

Tourist visa to Russia

Tourist visa to Russia is often issued to any foreigner on the basis of tourist invitation, issued by Russian tour operator. This invitation is a so-called voucher with booking confirmation. Tourist visa to Russia is needed for those people, who are going to visit the Russian Federation as the tourists. This type of visa is issued if a person is going to visit Russia with the recreation, entertainment purposes, or who is going to visit sport events or festivals. If you want to obtain tourist visa, everything you need to do is to address to our Visa Support Center and we will prepare all necessary documents during one business day. We will help you to process and obtain an invitation (voucher and booking confirmation).

There are two types of tourist visa to Russia: single and double entry visa. These visas are issued in a consular department of the Russian Federation on the basis of tourist invitation. The period of stay for these types of visa cannot exceed 28 days. The time of visa processing will make one hour or more.

In order to receive an invitation corresponding to tourist visa you need to address to our Visa Support Center, to fill our application form and to send this form with a copy of your passport to our e-mail address. We will confirm your order and after these you will be able to receive an invitation in our office. It is necessary to note that almost all consular departments of the RF abroad will accept a copy of tourist invitation to Russia (standard invitation) in order to issue a tourist visa. This is precisely this type of visa is the most cost effective in comparison with other visa types. If you need an urgent visa to Russia, you need to choose tourist visa to the RF.

Business visa to Russia

According to the current legislation of the Russian Federation, any foreigner, who is planning to visit the RF with the business purposes, must obtain special business visa. This type of visa is issued on the basis of business invitation. This type of visa gives a right to a foreigner to stay on the territory of the Russian Federation during the specific period of time and to conduct commercial activity or to develop international and foreign economic relations between foreign companies on the one hand and Russian companies on the other.  Our company provides support services to those Russian companies, which are going to invite their foreign business partners, specialists and workers to Russia. 

Business visa may be of different types (according to the number of entries and periods of stay):

Single entry visa (for the period of  30 or 90 days)

Double entry visa (for the period of  30 or 90 days)

Multiple entry visa (for the period of  180 or 365 days)

Note that the total period of stay in the RF under multiple entry visas cannot exceed 90 days during each half-year period.

If a foreigner or any Russian company that is going to invite foreign partner, specialist or worker to Russia have the real necessity to process business invitation to Russia they need to provide following information to our Visa Support Center in advance:

An application form, necessary to process a business invitation, which can be downloaded from our web site.

A scan copy of a travel passport of a foreigner, which should be valid 6 months after expiry of period of validity of a visa.

Additional documents (work reference, booking confirmation) depending on purpose of visit and type of invitation.

Application form and passport copy should be sent to our e-mail address. After you receive a confirmation of your order we need to negotiate terms of payment, as we start to prepare business invitation the next day after we receive a payment. The time of business invitation processing make 5-19 days. 

Our company offers its clients complex services on visa instruction preparation (telexes) and preparation of white copies of invitations (blanks), which are used to obtain business visa to Russia.

If a business invitation is prepared in a form of telex, an invitation will be sent to a consular department of the RF abroad in the electronic form via the communication channels of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. Invitations sent in a form of telex are much more easier to prepare in comparison with the invitations in a form of blank. That is why the invitation in the form of telex is a little bit more expensive. Any foreigner, who has ordered the invitation in the form of telex, need to provide a consular department of the RF abroad only with the information containing company’s name, which has invited a foreigner, company’s address and telex number. Invitation in the form of telex can be prepared during 2-4 business days (in a case of single or double entry visa), or about 12 business days (in a case of multiple entry visa).

For today the most popular business invitation to Russia is an invitation made on a special blank and issued by the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation. This type of invitation is processed by the FMS at the request of accredited legal entity. Time of business invitation processing issued on a special blank makes 7-9 business days. However, in order to obtain business visa to Russia with the help of such invitation, a foreigner should receive a white copy of invitation (original) and provide it to a consular department.

We are frugal of our clients’ time. That is why we offer you a possibility to prepare your invitation in the shortest period of time. With our assistance you can receive standard business invitation necessary to obtain single and double entry visa in 7 days, and business invitation necessary to obtain multiple business visa in 12-17 business days.



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